KNOT Selection | TSC-39TIWH + AK-1811BK

฿ 10,650.00
฿ 7,987.50

Model no: TSC-39TIWH



Rare "titanium" metal case with lightweight, non-allergy causing property which is more efficient than stainless steel.

The "Solar movement" watches do not require battery replacement for 10 years or more. The phosphorescent paint otherwise known as the "Luminous paint" enhances visibility to easily tell the time even in the darkest environments. "10 Large Pressure Waterproof” rating which allows you to use it with ease in any environment. Chronograph and alarm function for a classic touch and to aid you throughout the day.

Product No.  TSC-39BKBK


 Black Titanium (matte)

 Crown & Button

 Rose gold (polish)


 Sapphire glass


 Black coated


  Super Luminova



 Diameter × Thickness

 39mm × 11.5mm



Adoption of a bar index, often used in dress watches for a sophisticated feel. An elegant solar watch suitable for all occasions, business or casual. As a result of Japanese technology, enjoy fashion and convenience without the worry of frequent battery replacements.










 Full length



With Showen Kumihimo's original technology, "Ayakorai" which adopted a stripe vertical pattern called "Aya" in the design became a strap of Knot.

Corresponding arm size (when wearing a case diameter of 36 mm): 140 mm to 210 mm 

* From the thinner side around the wrist, you can use it widely. 

* Drilling service is not currently supported.

Watch straps are wider than other crochet crafts, so it's really been a year from the first plan to completion. We made our own research and realized it by taking a form of special assembly. Colorful variations of all 5 colors are elegant and beautiful, both men and women can enjoy in a wide range of scenes. Ayakorai was reborn as a strap of Knot. The sense of wearing traditional craft is new. 

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