KNOT Selection | CS-32SVWH + TH-16WHSV

฿ 9,100.00

Model no: CS-32SVWH + TH-16WHSV



Knot First in history, "CS-32" series designed for women is the appearance. It is exactly "Knot for women" which is handy for ease of use, such as the compact and elegant design that you can enjoy the fashion coordinates of your wrist, and the use of the solar movement that is released from the troublesomeness of battery replacement.

Product No.  CS-32SVWH


 SUS316L/Silver Polish


 Sapphire glass


 White coated


 Silver & Silver



 Diameter × Thickness

 32mm × 7.0mm



It is a compact size derived from 3 elements of the outside dimension of 32 mm, the visibility of the dial, the balance with the strap, and the size of the wrist that matches the thin woman's wrist.

We adopted a solar movement that wanted to wipe out the troublesome of replacing batteries in a modern lifestyle that is busy every day, such as work, parenting, private, etc., and to enjoy wrist wear fashion more easily. We were concerned about the traditional design that conscious of the business scene. We adopted a Roman letter on a color dial with gradation processing on sunray processing and gave a classical elegance. Using the dolphin hands that are often adopted for dress watches, the hands emphasize the beauty by contrasting the light by making it into a mountain-shaped solid.


Renewed embossing leather straps reproduced in Japan, with an embossed leather motif called "box calf" which is popular because of the celebrity brand of EU since ancient times. Using semi-grain leather from Himeji with a silky feel, it was born again with a beautiful coloring that is brilliant and elegant.

*Corresponding arm size (when wearing a case diameter of 36 mm): 140 mm to 185 mm

※ From the thinner around the wrist, you can use it widely.

*Drilling service is not currently supported.











The base leather maintains the durability performance of cowhide leather (genuine) and additionally by box-type embossing, not only gives a rich atmosphere, but it is not noticeable to dirt and scratches, it is strong against water. If it is a little wet to rain, you will wipe quickly it will not be a stain. Even those who usually have a lot of waterworks can always be used beautifully, and they will be active in various scenes.

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