KNOT Selection | CC-39YGSV+MK-18BKBKRG

฿ 10,750.00

Model no: CC-39YGSV+MK-18BKBKRG



The robust watch face design dates back to the pocket watch, emphasizing a disciplinary and visible look.
39mm diameter case comes in a highly corrosion-resistant surgical steel, elegantly and sharply curved out into a 9mm slim body.
A collection that attractively attracts everything from design and materials to detail, such as a vintage-like pin shape push button and windshield sapphire glass.


 SUS316L/Yellowgold Polish


 Sapphire glass


 Silver sunlay


 Black & Black



 Diameter × Thickness

 39mm × 9mm



 You can check the operation method of the stopwatch and how to correct it when the needle position is misaligned in the online operation manual. ※The date cycle of the chronograph clock is 31 days. Please correct themselves in March, May, July, October, and December by the correction method which is on the online instruction manual. * Strap is not included in this item.








 Rose Gold



 Full length




A long-awaited new strap comes out from the MUSUBU project "Kyoto Showen Silk Kumihimo Strap". Completely new braided wrist wear that sublimated to the strap by knitting one braid of 13 braided in silk, and its name is also "Jusanuchi".

Corresponding arm size (when wearing a case diameter of 36 mm): 140 mm to 210 mm

* From the thinner around the wrist, you can use it widely. 

A carefully knitted string of 16 meters, Kyoto Showen Kumihimo's craftsmanship glows gem. Using Tochigi leather for the buckle part, it is a luxurious item also adhering to leather.

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