฿ 2,650.00

Model no: NT1-18BKSV



 Tochigi Leather “Jeans”







 Full length


In traditional style, "NATO strap that goes with a trench coat". NATO strap with a strong military impression, NEW STANDARD of NATO belt Knot thinks that we want you to use for business scene as well as female users by all means. 

Corresponding arm size (when wearing a case diameter 36 mm): 140 mm to 210 mm 

* From the thinner side around the wrist, it is the size you can use widely. 

* Drilling service is not currently supported.

"Jeans" including plenty of oil, glossy looks and it become more familiar as you use is the most soft in Tochigi Leather. We finished it in a design that is easy to coordinate even for business scenes and female users.

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