Calvin Klein



Calvin Klein® is one of the leading fashion design and marketing studios in the world. It designs men's and women's designer collection clothing and a wide range of other products such as handbags, belts, shoes, and jewelry. Since its 1968 start, the Calvin Klein brand has become synonymous with sleek and sexy shoes, adorably functional handbags, and quality, stylish clothing and jewelry.  


Expertly crafted with sculpted modern flair, Calvin Klein women's shoes feature an array of timeless silhouettes remixed with distinct character.



Being one of the most widely recognized fashion brands in the world, Calvin Klein is rapidly establishing the market position that a brand of its stature deserves. The successful performance of every new collection and the growing number of international stores is just the beginning of Calvin Klein's tremendous potential.  


Keep an eye out for Calvin Klein Footwear as they climb to new heights in the fashion world.

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